Outdoor Kitchens

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Can you imagine having a wonderful outdoor kitchen that will be located under your deck? You will be able to cook and entertain outdoors! An outdoor kitchen will have all the main components that any indoor kitchen would have, but with many more benefits. When homeowners choose to have an underdeck installed, they will increase the value of their home and will be the envy of their neighbors, family, and friends. Undercover Systems have been providing excellent services, including outdoor kitchens in Portland, for over two decades. Our team is knowledgeable, trained, and qualified to provide homeowners with a dry, useable space for years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Kitchen Benefits:

There are many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen, including:

  • Property value increased
  • Affordable
  • Dry, year-round entertaining
  • Custom manufactured

Who Designs the Layout?

Each homeowner will design their outdoor kitchen. You will decide how you want your outdoor kitchen to look. We offer appliance installations for your outdoor kitchen, but this will depend on the dealership location.

Outdoor Kitchen Cost

Homeowners will be amazed at the surprisingly low cost of an outdoor kitchen. The cost will vary as it will depend on the size of the outdoor space and the design elements that you want for your outdoor kitchen, but per area cost is very affordable. The underdeck installation is affordable, but cost certainly varies depending on the appliances and design elements the homeowner chooses.

Added Value to Your Home

Homeowners can bring an added 30% value to their home with an outdoor kitchen. If you would like to have an outdoor kitchen installed, then contact Undercover Systems today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.